Paper Pumpkin Wildflower Wishes Kit – A few tips and tricks!

Every month, I eagerly look forward my Paper Pumpkin kit.  When the orange box arrives at our house, I love opening the box to reveal the project.  [Confession – Some times I do look on-line to see if anyone has posted about the kit… but, it is far more fun to wait until my Paper Pumpkin box arrives to unveil the project!]  The February kit, Wildflower Wishes, is great.  The card design is fresh, inviting, and really pretty.  The stamp set is amazing!  And, the additional pieces in the kit are versatile and fun to use.

I promised a few tips and tricks to make the Wildflower Wishes card.  By the way, there are materials for nine cards in the kit!!  And, there are plenty of extra supplies for additional cards that I will create.

Tip #1:  Add a color outline to the cut-out words
Another confession – When I first saw the kit and the pictures on the instructions, I thought the cut-out words (the main sentiments of the cards) were a little hard to read.  The flowery background is pretty but very busy and distracted from the words.  I decided to add a little color to the inside edge of each letter in the cut-out words.  To do that, I used a Stampin’ Write marker.  Trick – Turn the sticker over to make sure you are adding color from the back of the sticker.  Why, you may ask… well, you are very likely to leave ink on the backside of the sticker as well as on the inside edge of the letters.  If you add color from the back, you won’t see your little mistakes.

Tip #2:  Add the same color to the additional pieces of the words
You’re going to add the middle of the “O” (from Thank YOU) to the flowery piece.  Since you will have added color to the cut-out words, you’re going to want to add the same color to the inside letter pieces that you will add.  Use a pair of tweezers to hold the letter pieces while you add the color.  Just as in Tip #1, add the color from the back of the piece.  Also, make sure you allow the ink on these pieces to completely dry before you add the pieces to the card.

Tip #3:  Add the flowery background piece to the back of the sticker
The directions suggest placing the sticker (with the cut-out word) onto the flowery background.  It is much easier to place the flowery background onto the sticker!  The flowery piece is just a tiny bit smaller than the sticker.  Turn the sticker over, and add the flowery piece.  You’ll be able to center the flowery piece much more easily.

Tip #4:  Experiment!
You’re going to find that you make each of the nine cards a little differently.  Change the side that you use to tie the twine bow.  Place the sentiment focal point at different heights on the card.  Just have fun with the extra pieces that enhance the design.  Trust me – there are a lot of possibilities with this kit.

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Happy stamping!