Thanksgiving Turkey Gingerbread Contest

I realize this isn’t really card related – but, there was a lot of creativity involved that really needs to be shared!   We had a great group of folks over for Thanksgiving yesterday.  After the main meal, we needed a break before having dessert.  The break was a friendly Turkey Gingerbread contest!

Three teams were randomly chosen – okay not really very randomly since my mom and I had previously figured out who would be on the teams – but that’s completely irrelevant now!  Before the teams had any idea they were going to build a turkey gingerbread, each team chose two items to use.  We had buttons, sea shells, stickers, fabric, and foam backed stars.

After the teams made their frosting, the turkey gingerbread boxes were revealed.  Each team had five minutes to come up with a plan and then thirty minutes to put the turkey gingerbread together.  The teams were judged on creativity, neatness, and use of the additional items that they chose.

Here is a picture of the box



Here is a picture of one of the creations



And, here is another creation



Drum roll, please….  Here is the picture of the winning (non)turkey gingerbread.



It was a lot of fun!  Looking forward to next year…. 🙂