Holiday Catalog Release – It’s Here!!!!

The new Holiday Catalog has been released!!!!  If you would like your own copy to look through and don’t already have a demonstrator, leave me a comment.  I’ll be happy to get a copy in the mail to you.  Trust me – You are going to want to have one in your hands to be able to look through, mark-up, leave for your significant other as a hint for things you REALLY need!  Yup – been there, done that!!

Until you get your own copy, you can take a look at the catalog and some great videos that highlight the new products.  Enjoy!!

Here is the new Holiday Catalog!  Click on the picture below, and you’ll open a full PDF of the catalog!  Warning:  You need to get comfortable since it may take you some time to take a look at all the new products.

Below are a few videos that highlight the catalog and some of the new products.  Enjoy!

Happy Holiday Catalog Stamping,